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Pistage avancé : Samedi 15 Juin . . . . . infos & réservation
Pistage initiation : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . infos & réservation
. . . . . . . . . . . . . Juin : Lun 10, Dim 16, Lun 24.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . Juillet : Dim 7, Lun 8, Dim 28, Lun 29.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . Août : Ven 16, Lun 19, Ven 23.

Welcome, dear English-speaking Nature-enthusiast !
You will find here a summary of this website in Sherlock's language.  Please note that our main facilitator is fluent in English : so you will be able to follow any of our workshops with ease ! 
"Je Suis La Piste" is a play on words, meaning both "I follow the track" and "I am the track".  Hence "I become the Track I follow" ... a Tracker's motto.
Created in 2014 in Périgord (Dordogne - South-West of France, by the Valley of Mankind), our association's mission is to convey the Art of Tracking and other ancient know how (Fire, Rock Art, Spear-throwing, Knots...).
Every year, we receive a party of Australian Aboriginal people and organize special workshops to discover their very ancient culture.
Our program varies according to the seasons and weather.  To be kept informed we advise you to subscribe to our monthly Newsletter.

We are convinced that learning the ancient skills we teach promotes a better understanding of the world around us. This new insight will guide you spontaneously towards more respect for Nature and for our fellow humans. Moreover, these moments spent serenely in natural environments will always be beneficial.

All our activities take place under the benevolent eye of our animator, Fran6co.  This 44 y.o dad met Aborigines in Australia when he was still a teenager. Other journeys will have awakened in him a deep desire to reconnect with the essential values. He is also a graphic designer, author of the comic-strips and games you can find in our "Créations" section (The Call of the Didjeridu comic-strip and Women in Science card-game are two of our creations that are translated in English).

We run 4 workshops on a regular basis :
The Club du Goupil is a family-friendly 5h walkabout meant to connect you with Nature.  The main theme and exact place vary each time.  Price is €5/participant + up-to-date membership to our association.

The Tracking Initiation is also a family-friendly workshop.  This 2h stroll will open your eyes on the fascinating stories going on in the woods while we sleep.  You will not look at nature the same way again !  Price is 26€ adults, 13€ kids, booking on AirBnB Experience.
Pattes Épiées is about learning to set a trail-cam in the woods : fiddling with the buttons, moving stealthily, finding the perfect spot ... and discovering your best shots a few weeks later in an awesome video !  From +16 y.o, 4h, price is 45€ + up-to-date membership to our association.

The Advanced Tracking will propel you to the next level ... even if you're a total newbie.  Not only will you be able to find tracks and tell which Animal left them, but you'll learn to read the story subtly interwoven into them !  From +16 y.o, 7h30, price is 80€* + up-to-date membership to our association.
* promotion codes available for early booking or groups.
Wild Immersion is the pinnacle of our workshops : learn everything mentioned before, then spend the night in the woods trying to see the wild Animals for real !!!  Nothing will give you such a deep sensation of oneness.  From +16 y.o, 24h, price is 160€ + up-to-date membership to our association. 
* promotion codes available for early booking or groups.

Membership to our association is required for each of these workshops (except for the Tracking Initiation).  The amount of the subscription is €10 for adults and €2 for kids.   You will contribute to the durability of the association and our workshops.

We report each of our workshops in the Blog section, go and take a look.
Hope to see you along the trail !