"Je Suis La Piste" is a play on words, meaning both "I follow the track" and "I am the track".  Hence "I become the Track I follow".
Created in 2014 in Périgord (Dordogne - France), our association's mission is to convey ancient know-hows.  We offer workshops to individuals (visitors and locals), groups (schools, recreation centers, works council, families) or any other structure (on demand).
Every year, we receive an Aboriginal group and organize special workshops and visits to exchange around their ancient culture.
Our program varies according to the seasons and weather.  To be kept informed we advise you to subscribe to our Newsletter.

We are convinced that learning the ancient skills we teach promotes a better understanding of the world around us. This new insight will guide you spontaneously towards more respect for Nature and for our fellow humans. Moreover, these moments spent serenely in natural environments will always be beneficial. All our activities take place under the benevolent eye of our animators. They were originally designed by adults, for adults, because there is no age to learn, discover and satisfy one's curiosity. But children are welcome too, under the responsibility of their parents. Francis and Damien are both dads and will adapt their language. The term "know-how" is rich in meaning :  your brain will always be stimulated and your hands put to use. Learning is only valuable if clearly understood and easily put into practice. Finally, fun is omnipresent in our workshops, because knowledge is more easily acquired this way :-)

Our main workshops are the Wild Trips and Animal Tracking, but we have a whole range of other workshops that we put up occasionally or specifically. To find out more about the dates & rates: follow the Newsletter, ask for a quote (groups) or show us your interest (private).
  • The Tribe  -  Join our group of enthusiasts, live with them as the seasons go by, build your camp as a team, learn new know-hows and craft your own tools and instruments.  A rewarding experience, a reconnection to Nature and to our own kind, a reminiscence of our tribal past.
  • Wild Trips  -  Experience a rewarding human adventure in our Périgord forests, learn ancient skills and spend a night under the stars, supervised by our two animators Francis & Damien.
  • Animal Tracking  -  Périgord is the most wooded department in France ! Take the opportunity to learn to read the language of Nature. Decipher the tracks of the Deer or the Fox, learn the routines of invisibility to live magic encounters, get acquainted with the ancient Art of Animal Tracking!
  • Fire ignition - History, chemical process, choice of technique (friction or percussion) and materials, demonstration and possibly participation. Once the embers obtained, we ignite a small nest of straw and extinguish it immediately :  risk-proof !
  • Spear Thrower  -  The Spear Thrower was the weapon of choice of our prehistoric ancestors ! Discover this fascinating world and launch your Spears safely, under the watchful eyes of our experienced animators. We can also introduce you to the Boomerang, Sling, Bolas, Blowgun or Polynesian Arrow.
  • Rock Art  -  Painting with ochre on bark or on kraft paper. Pedagogical summary (times, places, styles), explanation of techniques, importance of support, reflection on the motivations of prehistoric artists, realization of your own painting (which can be kept).
  • Ropes & Knots  -  One of the oldest tools of humanity, still relevant !  Rope manufacturing from natural fibres, learning the different types of knots according to the utility and the type of rope used.  Essential know-how and really practical too.
  • Harmonic Music  -  You are used to melodic instruments, with several notes. But do you know about the richness of musical journeys at the heart of the same note ?  The secret of harmonic instruments (Didgeridoo, Jaw Harp, Mouth Bow, Overtone Singing) lies in the modularity of their sound box: our body.  Learn to dance with your breath !
We also organize cultural exchange workshops with Aboriginal artists that we receive each year.

Francis, 43, met Aborigines in Australia when he was still a teenager. Other journeys will have awakened in him a deep desire to reconnect with the essential values. Half-British and fluent in Sherlock's language, he is also a graphic designer, author of comic-strips and games ... a creative artist.

Please refer to the French > Programme < that is regularly put up to date.

To offer you the best possible experience, our workshops are on registration only (limited places, equipment forecast).
     >  Fill in the "Formulaire d'Inscription" on the right of the screen,
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Registration to a Workshop : A name, e-mail, phone number, specify the title of the course, and here you are !  Confirmation of registration and additional information will be sent by e-mail.

Subscription to our Newsletter : Write "Je Suis La Piste" in the Form (+ name & e-mail).  You will receive one letter per month (approximately), your e-mail address remains strictly confidential and internal to JSLP. It will only be used for sending the JSLP Newsletter and will never be shared with a third party.

Here is the price list of the workshops that we organize.
Please contact us for any specific intervention (company, festival, association, school, leisure centre, private group ...) and we will provide you with an adapted program and its estimate in the shortest possible time.

    The Tribe - RECONNECT together with Nature !  10 workshops of 2h = €50 + 1 free workshop !
                        Free up to 7 y.o.   €10 membership to our association.
    WildTrip (6 participants, 1 day + 1 night) : €75 / participant 
    Animal Tracking Initiation (2h) group (4 to 12) : €15 / participant
    Animal Tracking private (2h) group (1 to 3) : €60* service
    Animal Tracking Improvement (4h) group (1 to 5 adults) : €120  service
    Fire ignition (demonstration = 30 minutes) for groups (6 to 30) : €60* service
    Fire ignition (demonstration + initiation = 1h) groups (6 to 12) : €100* service
    Spear Thrower (3h) group (6 to 12): €300* service
    Rock Art :  quotation*. 
    Ropes & Knots Initiation (2h) group (4 to 12) : €15 / participant 
    Ropes & Knots (2h) private (1 to 3) :  €60*  service
    Harmonic Music Initiation (2h) group (4 to 12) : €15 / participant
    Harmonic Music (2h) private (1 to 3) :  €60*  service
* travel expenses to add.

A membership to our association will be proposed for each of these workshops.  The amount of the subscription is €10.   You will contribute to the durability of the association and the workshops proposed by JSLP.

We write a report of each of our workshops (in French though). You will find them all in the Blog section, or you can search for a specific workshop in our exhaustive list (from most recent to oldest) that will be found > HERE <