Traces are everywhere ...
Trackers know how to spot and identify them.  They even tell them wildlife's secret tales.

Discover the Art of Tracking in 3 different ways :

  • While comfortably sitting in your sofa, with our video project "Dans les pas d'un Pisteur"... but don't forget to put your freshly acquired teachings into practice next time you head for the woods !

  • Around a table with your friends, playing our game "Tracks",published by French birdlife association LPO... you can order it by e-mail.

  • Or IN REAL LIFE in Perigordian woods with Fran6co... this best deal is thoroughly detailled below.

Here are our 3 different REAL LIFE Tracking tuitions
  1. INITIATION - 10h00 > 12h00 - 1 to 10 participants (adultes and children).
    Open your horizons by learning all the basic skills in a fun way !
    Bring : water, adapted clothing, curiosity and good humor.
    Price :  26 €   -   Registration via AirBnB Experience

  2. IMPROVEMENT - 9h00 > 16h30 - 1 to 5 participants (from 16yo +)
    Push it further :  learn to follow a trail and let the tracks talk to you !
    Bring :  water, food, adapted clothing, motivation and cheerfulness.
    Price :  100 €   -   Registration via HelloAsso

  3. IMMERSION - 9h00 > 9h00 the following day - 1 to 3 participants (adults)
    Full tracking day, learn camouflage, spend a night outdoors and stealthily watch wildlife in the morning !
    Bring :  water, food, adapted clothing and sleepingbag, headlight, motivation and cheerfulness.
    Price :  180 €   -   Registration via HelloAsso

Participants are covered by their own public liability. 
Association membership required (10€) for Improvement and Immersion tuitions.
We reserve the right to change the date according to weather forecasts and the number of registrants.
Dates for our next courses are mentionnend on top banner, and through our Newsletter (please subscribe).

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