Prochains ateliers :

Tribu : 15 et 22 Déc.
Pistage : 16 Déc.


Flyer WildTrip

A WildTrip is a rewarding human adventure of a day and a night in the forest, with a specific mission to fulfil.  You will be up to six participants (6 Wildies adhering to our values and sharing the responsibility of the 6 key areas of the adventure) accompanied by our facilitators.  Francis and Damien will guide you and give you the know-how to live in harmony with the surrounding nature, with only a minimum equipment.  You will leave with the crafts you have made on the spot, a WildBag filled with useful surprises, and a new look on the world!

Looking forward to live together beautiful adventures!

Price : €85 each (+ €20 membership for the association) = 1 day + 1 night
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Missions :
Depending on the season, the weather, the places or your desires, the mission will change with each new WildTrip Some examples of possible missions:
  • Crafting your own spear and thrower in natural materials (and shooting !) ;
  • Animal tracking (landscape reading, invisibility routines, tracks recognition...);
  • Fire ignition (friction and percussion) ;
  • Natural fibres' rope making (and the best knots);
  • Night walkabout (Animal watching, astronomy...);
  • Water treatment ;
  • Rafted river navigation ;
  • Mushroom hunting ; 
  • Land Art ;
  • etc ...

Apart from the specific mission, you will of course learn many other skills to better understand the surrounding natural environment, to live better in a group and to feel in the woods "at home"!

Land :
It is in Périgord (24 - Dordogne), in the heart of a wooded region rich in history and prehistory, that you will have the privilege to immerse yourself !  Our growing network of landowners gives our WildTrips a healthy legal foundation.
By the way... if you are the proud owner of a wood or a forest, and that our WildTrips ring a bell, please put your land at our disposal and we offer you your adventure!