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Tracks : Jeu 19 au Pion de l'Isle, puis Lun 23, Ven 27 et Mar 31 au PIP
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Périgord is France's most wooded region !
Take the opportunity to learn to read the language of Nature.
Decrypt the tracks of Deer, Fox, Wild Boar or Badger,
learn the routines of invisibility to live magical encounters,
introduce yourself to the ancestral art of Animal Tracking!

Everything leaves a trace ...
Trackers know how to identify and articulate them in an understandable language that will tell us the secret lives of our local wild animals.

Tracking is the Art of finding, identifying, interpreting and following series of traces left by an Animal (Human included) on the landscape.
This Landscape on which traces imprint implies a spatiality (in which direction?).  But the trace itself also relates to a temporality whose evaluation will be crucial for the Tracker (when?).
To find these traces, sense-awakening is decisive. To identify them, a basic knowledge is essential > These are the themes developed in our initiation workshop.
To interpret these traces requires imagination and logic. And to follow them needs being rigorous and as stealthy as a Ninja! > Our improvement workshop will give you these keys.
ach time, the landscape offers different tracks' patterns. Thus, each workshop is one of a kind!
Tracking has always been a key skill for aboriginal people :  tracking game, avoiding predators, finding edible plants, water points.  Anticipation of meetings with other human groups.  Reading the landscape in a more general way.  It was practiced by all and taught from a young age.
Today, learning the basics of this ancient art will give you a new, sharper, richer, more radiant look on the surrounding world.  Like when myopic puts on glasses for the very first time !
Tracking stimulates the brain in a very playful way :  you will feel like wearing the Sherlock Holmes tweed Deer-stalker cap and the Mowgli leather loincloth at the same time !


Prices :
    Animal Tracking Initiation (2h) group (4 to 12) : €15 / participant
    Animal Tracking private (2h) group (1 to 3) :  €60* service
    Animal Tracking Improvement (4h) private (1 to 5) : €120* service (adults)
Adults and children (from 8 years old, supervised by their parents). 
Participants are covered by their own public liability.
We reserve the right to change the date according to weather forecasts and the number of registrants.

Je Suis La Piste "seen on TV" on France 3 Périgords   :-D